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The Municipal Tourist Company has its own organized beaches (Municipal beach, Almyros beach, Havania),where the swimmers can comfortably enjoy their swimming. The exemplary beaches of Aghios Nikolaos are always among the candidates for the prize of purity and cleanliness by the respective European Committee, earning more and more “BLUE FLAGS” each year!

Ammos beach…” Practically within the city center, this marvelous beach, offers easy swimming near the city and various water sports.

Municipal beach…” Within Ammos beach, surrounded by plants, right after the National swimming pool, one can find the well organized Municipal beach, offering a children’s swimming pool, play grounds, snack bars, mini golf e.t.c.

Gargadoros beach…” Right after Ammos beach, in a rather isolated, secret place, Gargadoros beach lies next to splendid hotels and offers quiet swimming.

Kitroplatia beach…” This is another beach for swimming and sports, right in the heart of the city. Surrounded by tavernas, restaurants, hotels, banks e.t.c., it is a lively and busy place offering a great many opportunities for interesting walks. This place was named after the citrons (kitra) which, many years ago, were gathered at this very spot and were packed, in order to be exported.


Akti Themistokleous beach…” A small, clean beach next to the port overlooking the island of Aghion Pandon. Ammoudi beach…” A small, enjoyable sandy beach, ideal for quiet, unforgettable swimming and water sports (surfing, water-skiing, diving, e.t.c.).

Havania – Municipal beach…” Along the coast road to Elounda, one can find the organized Havania Municipal beach. A marvellous sandy beach for swimming, sun-bathing and sports.

Almyros – Municipal beach…” Taking the pedestrian way by the sea, at the southern side of the city, the organized Almyros Municipal beach, is a marvelous beach with shallow waters, making it ideal for swimming, sun-bathing and sea sports. This beach can also be reached by car. It is about 1.000 meters after the Kritsa junction towards Sitia. The scenery is superb because of the thick sprouting of reeds which grow in spring water, the rushes and the high trees. It is also one of the most important natural reserves with aquatic birds.