Winter Time Activities

It all began in 1995, when a doctor friend asked for our help in writing a book about Crete and the Cretan diet. We worked together for two years and were rewarded when Dr. Schleicher's book "Der sensationelle Kreta Diet" became a best seller! Following this, chef Eckart Witzigmann requested an introduction into the secrets of Cretan cuisine. For almost two months Cretan women from Vrouha, Kritsa, Limnes and other nearby villages spent many hours with us teaching the chef their knowledge of local cuisine. The book, titled "Kreta kock Buch" was published eight months later. The result was again as amazing as Dr. Schleicher's book, becoming a best seller and showing a different aspect of the Cretan diet. Many people started asking how they could obtain all the pure products described. The next step was to take a few steps back and rediscover the original flavors, recipes and traditional products that our families used, in order to find a way to meet the needs that we had created.


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